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I’m Ronnie (yes, IRL) and I’m a dad, husband, Content Creator, and life-long gamer. It’s always been a passion of mine to give back, and I use my streaming and content creation platform as a means to generate meaningful change in peoples’ lives. Specifically, I’m focused very heavily on giving back to US and Allied-Nation veteran’s through the FitPC platform.

Facebook Gaming Content Creator

As a content creator, I’m heavily focused on my personal growth and ability to provide engaging content. I’ve invested more than $20,000 in my streaming equipment and production, hoping to transfer those production investments directly to you; the most important part of the stream.

I began my streaming career on Twitch in April of 2018. My first stream was in direct-support of StackUp.Org, filling a 6-hour charity time block. I made $17, and I couldn’t have been happier. These days, I’m partnered with StackUp directly, and the RonnieFit Facebook Gaming community has raised more than $10,000 in direct-support of veteran charity. I’m hoping to expand my reach to further drive our community’s ability to support to those that serve, and one day intend to be a full-time creator.

Live Video (Will Show Video if Live):

US Army Veteran

In the real-world, I’ve spent two tours in Afghanistan, the earliest in 2013 and most recent 2016. In my first deployment I augmented a Logistics unit as a driver and crew-served gunner. In the second I deployed with the ‘tip of the spear’, if you will. Both of those deployments to Afghanistan have a major impact in how I go about my day-to-day life, as well as streaming. I made the best of friends and experienced some of the worst of the world during that time, and I have much respect for those that put their lives last. I’m still in in a Reserve capacity, so every once in a while you might catch me shaven, but only because the Army cult doesn’t allow beards.

Charitable Efforts

One of the penchants of my streaming platform is that I regularly support Veteran and First Responder charities. Although my reach in support of these causes continues to grow, I hope to eventually be able to provide a meaninful benefit to these and other organizations in the future. Some of my favorite charities are:

Special Forces Association
Green Beret Foundation
75th Ranger Regiment Association
First Responder’s Children’s Foundation

Where to find me:


Give me a Follow, check out the clips and live streams on Facebook , and most importantly, thanks for swinging by and enjoy the stream!

Facebook Gaming and Ronnie

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