Total FitPC’s Purchased19
Total Deferred Revenue$33,812.90
Current as of: 4/11/2022

What is the FitPC?

FitPC is my effort at making a small improvement in the everyday lives of US and Allied-Nation Veterans. Essentially, I take a significant portion of my income from live streaming (presently ~80%) and build or buy custom gaming PC’s in partnership with StackUp.Org. StackUp shares my mission in combatting veteran suicide through gaming, and our FitLocker community on my RonnieFit YouTube channel is doing that one PC at a time.

Between 2020 and April of 2022 I have diverted more than $33,000 of income from the stream to Stackup via custom gaming PC’s.

How can I get involved as an individual?

There are LOTS of ways to get involved in FitPC. Foremost, awareness of our cause and efforts is paramount to its growth. Make sure you are following the updates and content on my Facebook Page for the latest and greatest, and watching the stream/supporting my content is the number 1 way to support. Second, you can monetarily support the FitPC effort via sending YouTube !tips or !donate during live streams, or by direct PayPal Contribution to Given the growth of the FitPC, I am working to make contributions to the effort more streamlined.

How can I get involved as a business or organization?

The FitPC is ever-evolving as both a foundational element of my streaming/content creation platform, as well as how its fulfilled. As both a participating organization in its fulfillment, or as a sponsor of my platform, there are a lot of ways to be involved.

Peripheral Support

I am also looking for partnerships from premier peripheral and PC parts organizations to ensure we’re putting the latest and greatest technology into these PC’s. We’re not sending bricks, we’re sending high-fidelity gameplay to Veteran’s that need it.

If you’d like to get involved as a business or an organization, you can contact me via e-mail at

Check out just a few of the FitPC’s that have gone to support our US and Allied Nation Veterans:


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