I’m Ronnie (yes, IRL) and I’m a dad, husband, streamer, content creator, and tube-food fanatic. It’s always been a passion of mine to give back, and I use my streaming and content creation platform as a means to generate meaningful change in peoples’ lives. Specifically, I’m focused very heavily on giving back to US and Allied-Nation veteran’s through the FitPC, driven by my YouTube Gaming stream. I hope to expand that one day, but want to ensure we’re maximizing our support to one cause before taking on another.

Content Creation

As a content creator, I’m heavily focused on my personal growth and ability to provide engaging content, regardless of what content type it is. I don’t really classify as a gamer, though I do love to play games live. I don’t really classify as a Gun-Tuber, but I do make edited (and live) firearms content. I’m a normal guy that wants to leave a mark on the world, hopefully in a state better than when I found it. If it’s not, it won’t be because I didn’t try.

I began my streaming career on Twitch in April of 2018. My first stream was in direct-support of StackUp.Org, filling a 6-hour charity time block. I made $17, and I couldn’t have been happier. These days, I’m partnered with StackUp directly, and the RonnieFit FitLocker community has raised more than $33,000 in direct-support of veteran charity. I’m hoping to expand my reach to further drive our community’s ability to support to those that serve, and one day intend to be a full-time creator.

I have recently decided to transition my live and edited content to YouTube, after a lot of thought. This decision didn’t come lightly, given the amount of support we received on Facebook. Ultimately, it’s my goal to expand beyond my comfort zone to take risks in-support of Veterans. My work with Funker530 has driven me to a new arena of content, where I can finally feel at-home with what I’m doing. Although the transition to YouTube has been tumultuous, I’m confident that it was the best move for myself, my family, and my philanthropy efforts.

2019 – PUBG Branch Battle (MGL) Las Vegas, NV

US Army Veteran

I’ve spent two tours in Afghanistan, the earliest in 2013 and most recent 2016. In my first deployment I augmented a Logistics unit as a driver and crew-served gunner. In the second deployment I served in Information Operations with the 75th Ranger Regiment (augment). Both of those deployments to Afghanistan have a major impact in how I go about my day-to-day life, as well as streaming and making content. I made the best of friends and experienced some of the worst of the world during that time. I’m still in in a Reserve capacity, so every once in a while you might catch me shaven, but only because the Army cult doesn’t allow beards.

2016 – Bagram, Afghanistan

Charitable Efforts

One of the penchants of my platform is that I regularly support Veteran and First Responder charities. Although my reach in support of these causes continues to grow, I hope to eventually be able to provide a meaningful benefit to these and other organizations in the future. Some of my favorite charities are:

Special Forces Association
Green Beret Foundation
75th Ranger Regiment Association
First Responder’s Children’s Foundation

Where to find me:

Games. Gains. Glory.