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At this point, you’ve probably already done some-level of research into streaming, and that’s why you’ve found this series of articles. Either you clicked on the link because you’re interested in getting started, or you’ve recently started and you’re looking to take it up a ‘notch’. In either of those instances, I’m here to try and pass off a few words (pages) of wisdom from someone who’s dumped an INORDINATE amount of money into streaming.

This website has literally everything you need to know about my stream, so if you’re interested in what I use head over to the equipment page and check out the stream. No article would be complete without the mandatory plug; I stream Monday – Wednesday – Friday at about 7pm Eastern Standard (normal) time. Check in there and blast away with the questions. I’ll talk about it for hours.

What is this?

This is a set of articles about basic streaming principles, techniques, tips, do’s and don’t’s, and general help guides that SHOULD make your life a bit easier. It’s not a full, top-to-bottom guide to take you through the streaming life. There are services out there designed to help you through every-step of the streaming process, from set up to tear down, but this isn’t that.

If you ARE looking for a hand to hold from the top to bottom of streaming, I’d recommend Stonemountain64’s Pipeline.GG. Pipeline is a great (paid) tool to aid and coach you through the streaming process from start to finish, curtains open to closed, and top to bottom. I respect what Stonemountain64 has done in that regard, and wish him all the best.

For content that I used, personally, to develop different aspects of my stream, I’d recommend checking out the Alpha Gaming YouTube channel. Harris Heller is a helluva streamer and an all-around great guy. He provides graphics and cool widgets for you to use IN STREAM FOR FREE. I think he’s got an amazing platform and I hope you’re able to learn something from him.

So what will I find here?

There are articles in this series for:

  1. Basic audio/video setup guides
  2. StreamElements setup guides
  3. StreamLabs setup guides
  4. Chat engagement and platform-specific benefits
  5. Product reviews
  6. OBS/SLOBS setup and troubleshooting guides
  7. Other, generalized streaming content that’s hopefully easy to read

As articles get completed, they’ll get tagged with an appropriate category to make navigating easy, and I’ll also update this intro post pretty regularly with links to new content.

Streaming Welcome

I want to say welcome because starting streaming, and streaming at a high production value specifically, can be arduous but fulfilling as both a pastime and as a means of income. Streaming is what you put into it though, and there’s going to be some level of effort. Kick back and read a few articles, drop a like on the RonnieFit Facebook page, and let me know what else you’d like to see!

Available Articles:

StreamElements vs StreamLabs

Games. Gains. Glory.

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