It’s been a rough and tumble first year of streaming.

I’ve spent the last year on Twitch just about pulling my hair out trying to find my place in all of this, and I think I finally have. I think my ‘place’ is simply just not having one in particular. I’m deciding to do things my way, and stop trying to emulate the bigger names out there.

I’m no professional gamer, although I’ve been paid to play.

I’m no competitive gamer, though I’ve competed at LAN.

I’m just the average joe making my way through this streaming and entertainment world, hoping to have some laughs, beers, and wins along the way.

We’re going with a fresh start; our way. It’ll be a long road, full of twists and turns, trouble and success. We’ll have some fun and get a little tilted and sweaty, but it’ll be worth it in the end. I hope you’ll be with us when we get there.

Happy Hunting.

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